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Metro South - Home of the 2016 & 2017 Mass Biotech State Champions!

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General Notes/Information

2022 League Rules (we are still going by the 2019 League Rules): 2019_mbsl_rules.pdf

2022 Pre-Game Captain's Checklist: 2022_mbsl_pre-game_checklist.pdf

2022 Norwood Balch Permit: 2022_balch_permit.jpg

2022 Norwood Coakley Permit: 2022_coakley_permit.jpg

2022 Mansfield Permit: 2022_memorial_field_mansfield_permit.pdf

(Coaches: make sure to carry a printout with you in case of a field dispute)

Field Information

Directions to Balch Field: 1168 Washington St, Norwood, MA 02062. Park behind the Balch Elementary School. At the end of the lot is the baseball field. Our field will be to the right of the baseball field, next to the basketball court.

Directions to Coakley Field: 1315 Washington St, Norwood, MA 02062. The field is behind the Coakley Middle School, past a football field on one side of the school and a lacrosse field on the other. There are two parking lots, one on each side of the school.

Directions to Memorial Park, Mansfield: 111 Hope Street, Mansfield MA 02048 Parking lot entrance is at the intersection of Hope Street and Cottage Street.

2022 Metro South Regular Season


EFFECTIVE NOW: all composite bats are banned.

Due to safety and potential injury issues Double walled, Triple walled and Composite bats have been banned from the league (even if these bats are listed as approved on the USA Softball bat list). Only USA Softball approved Single walled aluminum bats are allowed. Approved Single walled aluminum bats may have a non-aluminum handle - it is the barrel that must be aluminum.

EACH TEAM is responsible for ensuring the bats they use are allowed - if a team needs help, they can reach out to the division coordinator.

For a bat to be allowed for use it must meet the following criteria:

  • It must be USA Softball stamped (formerly ASA). It can have other stamps, but the USA Softball/ASA stamp must be one of them.
  • It must be single walled aluminum. Double-walled, Triple-walled and Composite bats are not allowed. Baseball bats are also not allowed.
  • It must not be on the banned bats list.

To find out whether a bat is USA Softball approved or banned, go to this site:

From there, choose Bats from the drop down menu and click Go. On the next page there is a section for Approved Bats where you can see all of the USA Softball approved bats. There is also a section of Non-Approved Bats that contains the 3 lists of banned bats.

For further info and guidance on bats, please refer to the league rules linked above.

Below is Metro South master bat list. If a question of a bat's legality arises on the field, please consult this list to help clarify the situation. If a bat is not on this list, it should not be used in a game.

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2022 Metro South Playoffs

2021 Metro South Playoffs

Congrats go out to Moderna 1 who captured the 2021 Metro South Championship! Great job Moderna, and congratulations to all our other fantastic teams for another great season!

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