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Metro North

Divisional Coordinator

General Notes/Information

Welcome back to MBSL for the 2017 season!

Special welcome to Anika Therapeutics as a new team this year!

Please see the schedule and contact information below.

Wishing everyone a fun and safe season!

Captain Contact Information

Team Captain(s) E-mail Address Work Telephone
Aerotek Bryan Tierney
Nick Mancini
Alkermes Pete Mustonen
Elizabeth Amoroso
Daniel Pohlman
Patrick LaClair
Cell Signaling (CST) Amanda Kordosky
Mark Logan
Ryan Sinapius
ImmunoGen Ashley Wilson
Seth Kitchener
Instrumentation Laboratory Larry Burg 781-861-4100
Rahman Nabulsi
LogixHealth Derek Riley
Shawn Paton
Quanterix Ray Meyer
Christine Jacques
Anika Therapeutics Hannah Bergh
Sekoni Noel
Scott Sayers

Schedule and Results

Updated on August 22, 2017

The Metro North 2017 schedule and results are attached.



Please remember to send Larry Burg the final game score on the first business day following completion of the game.

2017 Regular Season Results (see above for scores and below for standings)


Updated August 22, 2017

Congratulations to Anika Therapeutics for winning the 2017 Regular Season!

2017 Regular Season Final Standings

Team Wins Losses Ties Percent Seed
Anika Therapeutics 6 1 0 0.857 1
Instrumentation Laboratory 6 2 0 0.750 2
Cell Signaling (CST) 5 3 0 0.625 3
Quanterix 4 4 0 0.500 4
LogixHealth 3 4 0 0.429 5
Aerotek* 3 4 0 0.429 XXX
Alkermes 2 5 0 0.286 6
ImmunoGen 1 7 0 0.125 7

* Ineligible for playoffs due to 4 forfeits.

Division Playoffs

Updated August 24, 2017

Here is the 2017 North Division playoff bracket.


Coordinator Corner

This section is a place where the league commissioners post notes and important forms for the divisional coordinators.

payment_request_form.doc - To request payment for fields, landscaping, or other league-related expenses, please complete the above form. Send the completed form to Jane Kepros.

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