Mass Biotech Softball- Information for Teams Interested in Joining the Massachusetts Biotechnology Softball League

Is your team interested in signing-up for the Massachusetts Biotechnology Softball League? If so, follow the below steps:
  1. Ensure that the Massachusetts Biotechnology Softball League is a good fit for your team - The Massachusetts Biotechnology Softball League is a coed league with the goal of providing an enjoyable, recreational activity for all participants, regardless of skill level. Review our league rules to ensure that your team will be a match to our league. Please note that, while we give preference biotechnology firms, it is NOT required that your company be a biotechnology firm to gain entry into the Massachusetts Biotechnology Softball League.

  2. Identify the Massachusetts Biotechnology Softball Division that best fits your team geographically - The Massachusetts Biotechnology Softball league has 8 divisions.
    • Cambridge 1, Cambridge 2, and Cambridge 3 - play games in Cambridge, Watertown, and Lexington.
    • Metro North and Metro Central - play games in Concord, Lincoln, and Bedford.
    • Metro South - play games in Norwood.
    • Metro West - play games in Marlborough and Framingham.
    • Metro Worcester - play games in Worcester.
    There is usually adequate room to accept new teams in the non-Cambridge divisions. There is a waitlist to join Cambridge 1, Cambridge 2, or Cambridge 3 - but don't let the waitlist deter you from asking (Some years, the waitlist is shorter than others)!

  3. Request to Join the Massachusetts Biotechnology Softball League - Use the website contact form to request entry into the league. Be sure to detail your company, desired division, and your captain's contact information. We also request that you provide contact information for an alternate captain.

  4. Pay 100$ non-refundable deposit to hold your team's spot in the league - Once a representative of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Softball League has confirmed your admission into a division, new teams are required to pay a $100 non-refundable deposit due 5 business days after confirmation with Divisional Coordinator. This deposit is necessary because many new teams prematurely commit to join the league, only to pull-out a couple weeks later (thus taking the opportunity from another team, and causing scheduling headaches). After payment of the deposit, 100$ can be subtracted from the league dues owed (so, $950 for payments postmarked by April 3rd, $1000 for payments postmarked by May 1, and $1050 for payments postmarked AFTER May 1).

  5. Remit your Invoice, Insurance waivers, and Roster Worksheet - Once a representative of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Softball League has confirmed your admission, remit your full invoice, insurance waivers, and roster worksheet.