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Cambridge Division 3

Divisional Coordinator

General Notes/Information


Please print a copy of each permit and keep in your equipment bag.

Ahern (Kendall Sq)
Harrington (Lexington)
To check on field closures at Harrington, please visit Lexington Field Updates

Permits: THESE are 2019!! Download and carry a copy with you.

Captain Contact Information

Abcam Michael Randall -
Ryan Scharfenberger -
Agios Mike McVay -
Alison Kracunas -
Biogen Margot Brickelmaier -
Patrick Campbell -
Bluebird Ellen Zyrkowski -
Margaret Mayo -
Blueprint Will Oemler -
Emily Doll -
Finch Kurt Warren -
Robert Rosenbaum -
Jounce Manny Lazaro -
RJ Bacon -
Tyler Reilly -
Sage Blair Meadows -
Brock Anderson -

Contact Margot Brickelmaier ( with any corrections or updates
Updated 5/3/2019

Schedule **updated 03 May 2019**

Rain/Cancellation Hotlines

  • Call the Lexington Department of Recreation's cancellation line at 781-862-0500, ext 706 to determine if a game at Harrington field in Lexington will be cancelled due to rain. Also, please email Margot Brickelmaier IMMEDIATELY should one of your Lexington games get rained-out (The league will receive field credits, but Alex needs to email the Lexington Recreation Department the day of the cancelled game in order to redeem).
  • Decisions on whether to play potentially rained-out games at Ahern, Hoyt, and Glacken fields should be made by the team captains.


To make sure all coaches and players are aware of which bats are approved or banned, please reference the information below. EACH TEAM is responsible for ensuring the bats they use are allowed - if a team needs help, they can reach out to the division coordinators.

For a bat to be allowed for use it must meet the following criteria:

  • It must be ASA stamped. It can have other stamps, but the ASA stamp must be one of them.
  • It must be SINGLE WALLED. Double and Triple walled bats are strictly prohibited. Baseball bats are also not allowed.
  • It must not be on the banned bats list.

To find out whether a bat is ASA approved or banned, go to this site:

From there, choose Bats from the drop down menu and click Go. On the next page there is a section for Approved Bats where you can see all of the ASA approved bats. There is also a section of Non-Approved Bats that contains the 3 lists of banned bats.

For further info and guidance on bats, please refer to the league rules linked above.

2019 Standings

Place Team W-L-T Win % Games Behind
1Abcam 0-0 .000 -
2Agios 0-0 .000 -
3Biogen 0-0 .000 -
4Bluebird 0-0 .000 -
5Blueprint 0-0 .000 -
6Finch 0-0 .000 -
7Jounce 0-0 .000 -
8Sage 0-0 .000 -

REMINDER: The TOP 6 TEAMS make the playoffs!! The 1st and 2nd place finishers get a first round bye. If there is a tie for the 6th seed (ie, 6th and 7th are tied), there will be a play-in for the slot rather than using tie-breakers. Playoff seeding for teams with the same record within the top 6: winner of the head-to-head will get the higher seed (if that game was not played, seeding will be decided by a coin toss).


The winning captain should email Margot Brickelmaier the game score the business day following each game. Weekly results will be posted to the schedule as games are played.


All games start at 6:00 unless captains agree to an earlier start

Week1Mon 4/29 Bluebird19@ Biogen 24(Harrington)
Wed 5/1 Blueprint 13 vs Jounce 13 (Ahern)
Fri 5/3 Sage - @ Agios WBF (Gore)
Week 2Mon 5/6 Finch 15 @Blueprint 20 (Ahern)
Wed 5/8 Bluebird 12 vsAbcam 27 (Ahern)
Fri 5/10Jounce/Biogen RAIN OUT (Gore)
Week 3Mon 5/13 Jounce/Agios RAIN OUT (Harrington)
Wed 5/15 Sage 7 vs Finch 34 (Ahern)
Fri 5/17 Abcam/Biogen RAIN OUT (Gore)
Week 4Mon 5/20 Bluebird 8 . Agios 8 (Ahern)
Wed 5/22 Abcam . Blueprint (Ahern)
Fri 5/24 Memorial Day No Game (Gore)
Week 5Mon 5/27 Memorial Day No Game (Harrington)
Wed 5/29 Finch . Biogen (Ahern)
Fri 5/31 Jounce . Sage (Gore)
Week 6Mon 6/3 Abcam . Sage (Ahern)
Wed 6/5 Agios . Finch (Ahern)
Fri 6/7 Bluebird . Blueprint (Gore)
Week 7Mon 6/10 Finch . Abcam (Harrington)
Wed 6/12 Jounce . Bluebird (Ahern)
Fri 6/14 Blueprint . Biogen (Gore)
Week 8Mon 6/17 Jounce . Finch (Ahern)
Wed 6/19 Sage . Bluebird (Ahern)
Fri 6/21 Abcam . Agios (Gore)
Week 9Mon 6/24 Sage . Blueprint (Harrington)
Wed 6/26 Biogen . Agios (Ahern)
Fri 6/28 Finch . Bluebird (Gore)
Week 10Mon 7/1 Jounce . Abcam (Ahern)
Wed 7/3 Independence Week - No Game (Ahern)
Fri 7/5 Independence Week - No Game (Gore)
Week 11Mon 7/8 . (Harrington)
Wed 7/10 Jounce . Finch (Ahern)
Fri 7/12 . (Gore)
Week 12Mon 7/15 Sage . Biogen (Ahern)
Wed 7/17 Agios . Blueprint (Ahern)
Fri 7/19 . (Gore)
Week 13Mon 7/22 Jounce . Agios (Harrington)
Wed 7/24 Abcam . Biogen (Ahern)
Fri 7/26 . (Gore)
Week 14Mon 7/29 . (Ahern)
Wed 7/31 Bluebird . Agios (Ahern)
Fri8/2 Jounce . Biogen (Gore)
Week 15Mon 8/5 . (Harrington)
Wed 8/7 #6 @ #3 (Ahern)
Fri 8/9 #5 @ #4 (Gore)
Week 16Mon 8/12 #6/3 @ #2 (Ahern)
Wed 8/14 #5/4 @ #1 (Ahern)
Fri 8/16 (Gore)
Week 17Mon 8/19 @ (Harrington)
Wed 8/21 FINALS (Ahern)
Fri 8/23 (Gore)
Week 18Mon 8/26 (Ahern)
Wed 8/28 (Ahern)

2019 Cambridge III Champion:

Coordinator Corner

This section is a place where the league commissioners post notes and important forms for the divisional coordinators.

payment_request_form.doc - To request payment for fields, landscaping, or other league-related expenses, please complete the above form. Send the completed form to Jane Kepros.

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