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 ====== Cambridge Division 1 ====== ​ ====== Cambridge Division 1 ====== ​
-2019 Season is upon us!  \\+Congratulations to Genzyme on their 5th straight Cambridge I division title ​Thanks to all the players and captains for a great (and incident-free) 2019 campaign. ​ \\
-There will be a few changes from last year.  We unfortunately lost GSG-TDI. ​ We welcome Triumvirate as a transfer from Cambridge III.  \\ 
--  New bat rules are in effect this year.  Only single-walled metal bats are allowed; no composites and no multi-walled. ​ See Bats Rules below for details.\\ 
--  The general rules have been updated. ​ No significant changes, but captains should review before your first game. \\ 
 ===== 2019 Team Captains - Contact Information ===== ===== 2019 Team Captains - Contact Information =====
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